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Chimes Early Morning Danish Pastries Platter

A selection of freshly baked pastries garnished with fresh seasonal fruit. Ideal for an early morning meeting.

£2.80 per person

Chimes Afternoon Finger Sandwich Platter

A selection of freshly prepared and carefully cut finger sandwiches with very tradditional English fillings. Ideal with afternoon tea to see you through your business meeting.

£4.00 per person

Chimes Roasted Vegetable and Halloumi Cheese Kebabs

£3.00 per person

Chimes Freshly Filled Croissant Platter

Freshly baked croissants served with simple savoury fillings. Accompanied by a basket of mixed seasonal fruits.

£5.90 per person

Chimes Boardroom Mini Roll & Baguette Platter

If you or your client would like a change from sandwiches, why not order either a selection of our mini filled petit pain rolls or freshly baked mixed baguettes. Garnished with plenty of nibbles and served with a basket of fruit and cakes, providing a comprehensive healthy lunch.

£8.45 per person

Chimes Fresh Fruit Platter

A selection of seasonal fruits, peeled and sliced pineapple, grapes, melon, strawberries, kiwi fruit, clementines and peaches; served with a yoghurt dip.

£4.40 per person

Fresh Fruit Kebabs

£2.80 per person (min 4 people)

Chimes “Thank God It’s Friday”

It’s bacon sandwich day! Treat everyone to a bacon or sausage sandwich to celebrate the end of the working week.

£3.20 per person + Vat

Or accompanied with a freshly made Danish pastry

£4.60 per person + VAT

Chimes Vegetable Crudités

A variety of fresh, seasonal bite-sized vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, cherry tomatoes, olives and baby sweetcorn. Accompanied by delicious savoury dips.

£4.60 per person

Chimes Packed Lunches

An individual sandwich, baguette or wrap, accompanied with seasonal fruit, a cake, soft drink and crisps. Wrapped "to go".

£8.50 per person + VAT

Hot Jacket Potato Menu

As an alternative to a sandwich menu, we can supply hot jacket potatoes for your meeting with a choice of fillings which can include: Mediterranean tuna, coronation chicken, cheese and coleslaw, hot chilli and cheese. Beautifully garnished and served on china plates.

£5.75 per person + VAT

Chimes Freshly Prepared Salads

You or your clients may prefer a freshly prepared salad instead of a sandwich. We offer the following choice of salads: Caesar salad, Ham salad, Chicken salad, Mediterranean tuna salad, Vegetarian salad.

£5.95 per person